Bellamin, Arder

Jovial Merchant


Arder Bellamin, known by business contacts as Bellamin the Round, is a tradesman out of Waterdeep. A gregarious man in his mid 40s, Bellamin has taken to a successful business of trading manufactured wares out of waterdeep in exchange for furs and other goods coming out of the Gray Vale and lands to the east. While far from lucrative, the trade route has allowed Bellamin to live a life of comparative comfort and has earned him a modicum of respect among fellow traders of the area.

Rather than strive for more Bellamin is content with the simple route and the level respect it garners him, high enough to not get swindled by greedy innkeepers but low enough to not invite the wrath of large trading guilds or other unscrupulous circles in Waterdeep.

Built like a stout barrel of ale wearing a worn winter coat, Bellamin is not an imposing man. His trade is in the transport and sale of wares, not warfare and his rotund body and casual demeanor reflect this. At the same time his experiences on roads in the wild has taught him an awareness that his city brethren lack. As if to accent this point, he carries on his body a crossbow of solid construction and a dagger which lacks the pomp of ceremony.

Bellamin is a jovial man and will often crack jokes around the caravan camp fire at night. Any caravan guard who sits or walks along side him for the journey should be prepared for him to talk their ear off about topics ranging from his journeys in his youth to Luskan to the latest fashion out of Algarond (though in truth he knows little of the later). At the same time Bellamin will not hesitate to dock the pay of any worker who shirks his watch or slows down the caravan.

Bellamin, Arder

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